Thursday, July 28, 2011

So I'm an uncle now

Apparently I am an uncle now. A few days ago my sister gave birth to a baby girl, now I knew about it when I woke up the next morning, I just was not inspired by my muse to write about it, still am not, but I figured I'd talk about it. I don't feel any different now that I am an uncle. By the way, I think her name is Julie Ann, named after my grandmothers, but I kinda woke up just now so I can't be too sure for another hour or three. So as I was saying, I don't feel any different, but one thing I realized shortly after hearing about the rush to the hospital from my mother was now she can't complain when I call her grandma now, cause all of the pregnancy is done and she can't run from the truth if i can just get her to realize dying her hair light colors doesn't make her look younger....HINT HINT. So Im done for now, see ya i guess