Thursday, May 31, 2012


Today I woke up around six to six thirty in the morning and this time I slept through most of the night, although I did wake up occasionally. I finally got up  when I heard people upstairs, my niece, my parents, and my brother-in-law. I spent most of the morning upstairs until certain parties woke up, and then I spent as much time as I could handle said parties, and then I went to the pool and swam a bit.
SHE LAUGHED AND SMILED!!!! My niece laughed and smiled when I played with her today. When most of the group were down at the beach, I was playing with my niece and she smiled and laughed for me when there was no distractions. Later on some of us went to an ice cream shop/parlor thing called snowbirds, i had vanilla of course. Unfortunately we did nothing else that was terribly exciting, oh well, maybe tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Today I woke up around five-five thirty a.m., and when I say woke up, I mean I decided to give up trying to sleep in a very hot room and on a different mattress. I spent most of the day so far in three or four different places, my room which is considerably cooler during the day for some reason, the pool which was fun as always and kinda cold today, the beach which was sandy as always but i didn't go in the water this time, and finally in the kitchen which is pretty much obvious what I did there. I continued to try to play with my niece but as usual she wasn't having that. I was told recently that if the weather was nice, we might go play mini golf tomorrow. Oh yeah, earlier a fairly small thunderstorm came through so I sat outside  for a spell and listened to the rain and thunder.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Today was another day spent traveling, this time to the Outer Banks, North Carolina, where we'll be staying in a beach house. This morning though was the first time I played with my niece and held her. She cried when I tried to hold her, so I immediately gave her back to my sister. That kinda made me upset but tomorrow is another day to try. I helped pack the cars while everyone was busy with everything....or did I mop the floors instead? I cant remember which one I did. It was probably the floor moping now that I think about it. Now we just have to wait for my sisters in laws to arrive so we can then leave.
We are now here at the beach house, where we arrived at around three p.m. After unloading the cars, most of us went down to the beach where I proceeded to be the first one to get into the freezing cold ocean, did I mention it was freezing? After spending some time in the ocean, I decided to head to the pool, where the water turned out to be considerably warmer. I spent about half an hour to an hour in the pool, and at some point my mother showed up to keep me company.
All in all it was a relatively nice day at the beach, when spending time with the family and their family (lets see, my sisters in-laws, her sister-in-law and her family, her brother-in-laws mom and sister). I hope the rest of the days will be just as good or even better.

Monday, May 28, 2012

North Carolina Vacation 5/26/12

For the next couple of days, I will be spending my time in North Carolina, while visiting my sister, niece, and brother-in-law. On the first day, my father and I flew on a plane to Raleigh/Durham, my mother had driven up the week before. When we finally got to my sisters home, my niece was asleep and my sister was at work, or on her way home. So we just visited with my brother-in-law for a while until my sister got home and my niece woke up. When my niece did wake up, it was the first time i had ever seen her outside of pictures. Meeting her was amazing, it felt so surreal to see my sister with a child. I mean I was there during the prenatal part, or at least part of it, but seeing her now just made me feel weird, I now felt like an uncle. There she was, my first ever niece, with her curly hair and blue eyes. I can now say I am happy to have a niece, not that I wasn't happy before, I had just never met her. Later on we all went to a pizza restaurant names Anna Marias, where we met up with my brother-in-laws parents. This restaurant had amazing pizza and stromboli (basically a pizza folded over, like a sandwich). This was how I spent the first day of my vacation.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Julie Anna

Excitement fills me
My niece I have yet to to see
A girl born ten months past
The joy she brings shall ever last
Julie Anna I long to meet
To finally see her shall be a treat

Friday, May 25, 2012

Love part 3

Oh to be with you my love
I would soar the clouds above
To dance with you would be a dream
We would walk along this wondrous stream
I smile every time your on my mind
To me you would be the greatest find

Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Little Girl part 2

As the girl in gothic dress
Dances around and spreads distress
She swings around her bloodied scythe
Leaving in her wake pain and strife
But fear not for she will not mistake
She takes those who it is time to take

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Little girl

As this mortal coil becomes unbound
The little girl spins around
In her dress of gothic make
She laughs and cries at whats at stake
For she is death, here for your final toll
Beware of her, she'll take your soul

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Clouds of white up so high
I reach up to touch the sky
Behind them sits a tireless moon
I know that night shall be here soon
Changing always, never the same
You dance around in a heavenly game