Saturday, April 30, 2011


I realized that time is moving faster as I get older, when I was in elementary school I couldn't believe how long a day took to be done, but now I look back and think,"Where did my high school and college days go?" It feels like just yesterday I was taking my first high school class, trying not to throw up because of the old teacher, details of which I'll spare you of because I really don't want to think of. And now its like everything is coming too fast for me. I wish I could go back to when the days seemed to drag on, for it seems the saying, their isn't enough hours in the day is true.

I wonder if its too late to start my life anew lately, It feels like if I try to start now, I won't finish in time for all the major events in life. Just a few weeks ago I was told by my mom that she and my father would be visiting in seventeen days, and before I knew it, I realized that they are coming in less than a week. Where is my life going, that time seems to speed up every day.

Well thats enough for today, comments are appreciated, but not required

Friday, April 29, 2011


I sit here , falling asleep. I dont know why but I really tired and then I realize that in about a week B will be graduating. My family should be arriving next thursday, or so im told. This is a short message, because im tired

Thursday, April 28, 2011

home for BK

Today I sit in my sisters home while she (from here on referred to as K) and her husband(from here on referred to as B) are away for the day, looking for a new home closer to where B works. Now why would I be in BK's house? Since January I have been helping take care of K while B was away taking a semester at a different school. They had asked if I could help them out by helping K out because she is currently pregnant. Me being the most awesomest brother I am, agreed to help out. Now that B is back, I am just waiting for graduation to go home. Now that I have given some back ground on my situation, i will continue my blog thing. While BK is away, I stayed here to watch their three dogs (from here on referred to as H, H, or T) and do some chores that they asked me to do, like sweeping up ALL the dog hair (note to self, next dog I get, make sure it doesn't shed alot). As I type this I look up at HHT and see one lying in front of the front door, one is lying on what used to be my old toy chest....I think. and the other is lying next to the backdoor.

BK left this morning around about 0930 EST. and were dressed to the nines (I think thats the slang term for dressed up). I bid them adieu and wished them luck on their trip. Before they left, B was commenting to H on how she will have her own room now, and when I asked about H and T, B said they will have their own too.

Well I've run out of things to say so comment if you feel like it, I'm going to listen to some music.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Band of Brothers

Today I finished watching Band of Brothers, a miniseries from HBO produced by Tom Hanks and Steven Speilburg (i apologize if i spelled either names wrong). It is based on Easy company from the 101st airborne division. It follows their journey, I guess you can call it a journey, from paratrooper school I think, to jumping ahead of the invasion fleet of Normandy on D-Day. The next place they jumped was in Holland I think it was in the operation Market Garden. After Holland, they fought at the battle of the bulge, then afterwards, one part focuses on a concentration camp and why we were fighting the war, that part was pretty depressing. The final parts were various places leading up to the eventual capture(?) of "Eagles Nest" a place I have actually been to.

Watching the series gives a new appreciation to what that generation of men did. It showed what Easy company had to go through just to survive in battle, even though they were constantly put in the front or on the extreme flank, or end of the line. Easy company also had its fair share of incompetent co's (commanding officers) so that couldn't have made things any easier for them. Depicted in the series was their view of the battle of the bulge, where they were entrenched in fox holes, wondering if the next morter or shell would hit their hole. In one scene, a soldier is shown crawling towards a fox hole where two guys are yelling for him to hurry and get it, the next moment when the camera shows them again you see a huge explosion and when the smoke clears, there is nothing left in that fox hole.

At this time I would like to thank every men and women who have served in wars and especially the Men who served our country in WW2, specifically the men who lived, died, or have since died of the 101st airborne division, easy company

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

High School

I look back and think of high school. Back then I was attracted to a lot of girls, but I never built up the courage to ask them out. And if by some miracle one of them flirted with me, I would doubt myself and think they were making fun of me. I wasn't a stalker or a creep, but if I saw someone I was attracted to, I would glance at them from time to time. I couldn't make many friendships, just passing acquaintances that I eventually lost contact with once the semester ended or they totally ignored me afterwords. But I had good times as well, of the few friendships I made, they were truly great friends. Most of the new friends I made, I met in the marching band. To guard their privacy, I have decided to not name anyone in my ramblings unless I get permission from them. Another group that I made friendships that I treasure in was the Boy Scouts of America, Troop 1325.

Sometimes when I feel depressed, I try texting or writing messages on peoples facebook accounts to convince myself that people care that I live.... wow that didn't sound suicidal. But worry not, I have never even considered killing myself. But anyway, i try to talk to people when I'm feeling depressed to try to bring my happiness back. During a lunch break in the band room in high school, I was once told that if I wasn't smiling, that he would feel sad as well. Apparently I was always smiling and that helped some people?

Anyway I think I have talked about this enough so if you have any thoughts about this, feel free to comment


I often wonder what the future holds for me. I have never had a girlfriend before, mostly because I have low self-esteem and have few experience asking someone out. I continuously dream about what it would be like to have a girlfriend. I hope to someday marry a beautiful woman close to my age and eventually have a daughter to spoil. Unfortunately to accomplish this I need to return to college and get a degree, and to do that I need to get a job to pay for classes and supplies. I used to be in college but I was just floating by, not knowing what to do. After living with my sister and brother-in-law, I have decided to try becoming a history teacher. 

When I think about the future, I see myself in a black room, because I don't know what the future holds, I have trouble seeing the reward or consequences of the choices I make. Its the unknown that is in the future that I try to figure out. Sometimes I see glimpses of a future, a beautiful wife, an adorable daughter, a strong son. A single family home with a forest behind that stretches for miles and mountain ranges in the distance. The nearest neighbor is a mile or more away. Friends who visit daily or talk with me daily. A dog or two.

I know to figure out my future, I just need to take a step forward. But its that first step that is always the hardest

My beginning

Alright I'm fairly new at this sort of thing, so bear with me. How about I introduce myself? My name is William Clifford I am currently 21 years old. I have a mother and father who both live in Texas. I have an older brother who lives in Baton Rouge, LA. My older sister lives in North Carolina with her husband. I have a herding dog that i cant remember her breed, maybe blue healer? Anyway my dogs name is Gaia, I named her that after the ancient Greek Goddess Gaia, the goddess that is mother to all the gods and is earth itself. I am an eagle scout, and have been one since 2007.....I think, it might have been '06. I am about six foot three inches tall with a brownish red hair color, not obviously red, but if you look you can see its red. Im not sure what else to say so I'll just end here.