Monday, May 30, 2011

intemporaliter in nostrum memoria

Today is Memorial Day in America, a day of remembrance of those who gave their lives or have served our country in time of war. Both of my grandfathers served in World War II. My mothers father served on a ship as a radio operator and my fathers father repaired airplanes in the China/Burma area. I know, not as amazing as "my grandfather was in at the battle of the bulge" or  "my grandfather was at Iwo Jima" but none the same, I am proud of my grandfathers to have stepped up and done what they could in the name of America. Some people don't even know their grandfathers, fathers, mothers, or any other family member because they sacrificed their lives to ensure that others could survice and to keep America free. Unfortunately for me, I never told my grandfathers how proud I was to be their grandson, because they have since passed away before I could realize the valor in their actions.

I would love to always remember and look back on those who have served and have died in said service. I thank them for everything they have done.

For they shall be eternally in our memories.
intemporaliter in nostrum memoria

Friday, May 27, 2011

Busy body

It's been a while since I last wrote, and I have a reason for that. I have been busy rearranging my room, looking for a job, and the usual lackluster laziness, (in order of most done). My room is done being painted, its a light green color, and while painting it, my father "accidentally" knocked over my xbox 360 and broke the internet connector. Funny how that happened shortly after the xbox live came back... very suspicious, just kidding, I know it was an accident. I was recently talking with a friend back from high school, and she is having trouble with.... a pet lets call it, well anyway, she sounded worried about making the decision of whether or not to... put her pet in time out, so I gave her some none committing advice (neither a yes on no) and told her its basically her decision in the end, but then I told her that I have never put a pet in time out so to speak, so I wouldn't really know the right thing to do.

I'm thinking of writing a story in Microsoft word but every time I have tried in the past, I got writers block or something. Its kinda like when I read, sometimes I'm really into it, but other times I can't get into it. Does everyone have these kind of problems. Last night I convinced my mother to cook chicken enchiladas and we all agreed after eating it that it was a good decision, its funny how I lived in Texas for four ought years and I never acquired a taste for mexican food, but not three weeks into my stay at BK's, I start liking it, in North Carolina of all places, you'd think there I would start to like biscuits and grits or something. I learned the other day NOT to wear shorts when using the weed whacker (thats the hand held thing that spins cord or something right?), It really hurts and leaves big cuts when the mulch is blasted into my body. Luckily I was wearing glasses, because I actually got hit in the eye lens of them, unfortunately my mother was there at the time and I didn't know that and I said somethings I am not proud of, sorry mom, God, the manufactures of the mulch and weed whacker, the landscapers, the makers of adhesive bandages, and that rose bush in the front yard...ok maybe not the weed whacker, that thing is out to get me, I swear.

Saturday, May 21, 2011


I don't like roller painting, i prefer brushes
I'm sleepy


Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Today I read a comment about how someone hadn't read in a while and asked how I was. Unfortunately I have no idea who it was who asked so I will respond this way. This summer I have been doing nothing, I say that because I just got back to Texas after taking care of my pregnant sister and doing things for her. I will have to repaint my room soon, aparently my parents do not really like the patch work I did when I put my foot through my wall on acident, or was it my knee? I do not remember, it was awhile ago and a lot of things have happened since then. Any way, I will be painting my room in the near future, and then I will devote my full attention to getting a job.

In case your wondering, I also check my facebook for comments for this.
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Monday, May 16, 2011

Holy Birthings Batman, I'm almost 22!

As I was posting the previous post, I noticed that it was exactly one month until my twenty-second birthday. This brings me back to an earlier post, where did all the time go? I really need to get my life back on track, in three years and one month I'll be a quarter of a century old, and at the rate I have been going, I'll still be with my parents. That cannot happen, I need to get a job really soon. Now if I can only figure out what that job will be, then I can make steps to get back on the path.

Now for something completely different.

When did Gaia get so small, seriously!!!!

I have been asked how I come up with these posts, and to be honest its spontaneous and train of thought, seriously, its that easy.

Honey, I Shrunk The Dogs

Sorry I haven't written in a while, I was driving from Nags Head all the way to Texas with my father. I stopped along the way home at three places, the first day was at my cousins home in Atlanta, It was kinda short notice so I was lucky to be allowed to spend the night, because it turns out that they were leaving to somewhere north for their anniversary or something this weekend. Next I stopped at my uncle and aunt (whom shall hence forth be Uncle J and Aunt J). Recently, Uncle J had a stroke, and that shocked the seven circles of hell out of me. He was the least likely to have a stroke in my book and it surprised me. Then, I'm not sure when, but after that, a tornado almost hit his home, so that is two things that was messed up about the world now. So we decided just to stop by for lunch, which had tremendouse sandwhiches curtousy of my Aunt J. After lunch we continued on to my brothers house for the night, and saw that his dog was a lot smaller than I remember. We didn't really do much, except eat dinner at the Londerer (I am not sure on the spelling) where two friends of S joined. The next day, I pretty much slept the remaining trip to home and had to wait for the next day to see my dog Gaia again. When I entered my room, I immediately knoticed the paint staines on the carpet, my bed was out in peices from my room, and that my parents are hipocrates, THEY ATE PIZZA IN MY ROOM!!!!

No food in your room my foot.

Anyway, the next day, after washing the cars at home, eating lunch, realizing my parents have eating disorders after seeing how empty the fridge was (they were only gone a week, food doesnt spoil that fast MOM), and doing some other things, around three o'clock, we went to get Gaia. Was she always that small?

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Alas, It Must All Come to an End

Today will be my last day at the beach. I spent sometime swimming in the pool, ate at quiznoes with my day, and flew a kite. Earlier all the women went to a spa and got mani pettis (is that right?) I help D and H grill dinner also, well, I carried the food up and down mostly. I also forgot to mention that my brother, S, left to go home yesterday, so I was a little bummed today, which is why I didn't really do much today.

Well, I got nothing

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I Believe I Can Fly

Today, I spent the morning with my parents at the aquarium, had lunch in a town called Manteo, and then went to Kill Devil Hills and saw the Wright Brothers Memorial/ museum. At the aquarium, we saw several kinds of fish and ecosystems. One interesting event that occurred was that at the time we were there, there was four people cleaning the shark tank. We then sat down and watched a 3-D sphere thing that talked about the earth and weather and oceans and the like. After we left the aquarium, we went into town and at at the Full Moon Cafe, where we each had sandwiches, I liked the parmesan chicken melt. Afterwards, we drove to where the first flight, sorry, first POWERED flight happened. There I learned that there were four flights that occurred on December 17th, 1903. The first flight, piloted by Orville, lasted 12 seconds, and went a distance of 120 feet, the second flight, piloted by Wilbur, was a distance of 175 feet, followed by Orville at 200 feet, and finally Wilbur at 852 feet.

After that we went back to the beach house, where I swam in the pool a little, and then flew a kite I found. After I got tired of crashing the kite, I dug a big hole, about four feet deep by one-and-a-half to two feet wide. I found some clam shells and nothing more. I then filled in the hole and went back inside.

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Monday, May 9, 2011

Surf City Here I Come

Today I tried for the first time to skim board, long story short, I failed. I couldn't get on the board and as a result I fell several times. Later after the mandatory playing in the sand, which is as I said mandatory, I went to the pool that is in the front of the beach house. Since it had been a LONG time since I was last in a pool, I started out just swimming a few laps of fly, back, breast, free, (butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle) and tried doing some drills I remembered from high school. After a few minutes, my mother came out to give me some company, and she then preceded to claim my face was burned and asked if I had put sunscreen on, of course I said now, and she preceded to badger me (read, passive aggressively tell me I'm going to get skin cancer) to put some on.

Earlier in the day BRS and I went out and did some male bonding (read, we went to a biscuits place, had some breakfast sandwiches, got beer, bought some souvenirs.) I also played catch with my mom with a Velcro/tennis ball thing. After my mom got tired, I started playing catch with B and R with a football (American football).

Right now I am waiting for the sunscreen to dry so I can go back outside.

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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Lifes a Beach

Today is the first day that we are spending at the beach in Nags Head, I think thats the name. It was about a two hour drive from BK's house and I rode in my brother's rental. My brother and I were the first people here, but since we didn't know the code or have a key, we walked down to the beach. Eventually the others arrived and we all entered the house. My brother and I are staying on the bottom floor with two bunk beds and across the hall is a billiards table and a foosball table (I'm not sure on the spelling). On the second floor is four separate rooms where the "couples" are staying and a hot tub on the deck outside (said couples to be referred to from here on as K, R, mom, dad, H, D, and B's aunt and uncle). On the third and final floor is the kitchen, living room, and the master bedroom where BK is sleeping.

After we all got settled some of us went to the beach, (me, S, D, d) and eventually were joined by H and B. I being the insane person I am, immediately jumped into the ocean and completely submerged. Did I mention that the water was between 50 and 60 degrees F? After awhile, people called us back to figure out where to eat dinner, we eventually decided on a brew house.

Now we are all back at the beach house, but there is talk about the guys going back out to a bar later.

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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Last Full Day

Today is the last day that I will sleep in my sister's home, after today, I will be going to the beach for about a week. After that, I will be driving back to Texas with my dad while my mother stays a little longer. While I will miss living in BK's house and the occasional hanging out with them I will be glad to go home and play with my dog and see my video games again. I will take a lot from my experiences, like that BK have a biased view of talking back, both have insanely short fuses, and both are prone to taking out their stresses on others. On the other hand, they both know how to succeed in their given careers and both will make very good parents when K finally gives birth to their child.

I have nothing else to say, so bye

Friday, May 6, 2011


Today was the first full day without seeing a dog since last year January, so that would be about one year and five months straight I have seen a dog at least once. I realized today that no matter how much noise there is, its always quiet when there are no dogs. I will really miss H, H, and T when I go back to Texas, but hopefully I shall see Gaia, my puppy dog, really soon after I get back. I never realized how much a dog impacts my life, like if I am feeling a little upset, H would always walk up and look at me with her expressive eyes, and ask to play, (at least I think she was asking that, for all I know, she could have been cursing me out for who knows what reason), and I would feel better, like all the cares of the world just melted away, (wow that is clich├ęd). I remember back when I was still in Texas, I could sit for a long time, just sitting with Gaia, petting her, and I would be alone with my thoughts, so to speak. She actually took a nap with me one time on the couch, which is always fun, the naps.

Sometimes when I was folding laundry or putting something away, H would always follow behind me and he would then stand outside my door watching me. At first I thought it was because he was curious of who I was, but a few weeks in, I would be leaving the room, and I stopped to check my phone, and when I looked up, he had stopped and was waiting for me to follow.

T is just freaking crazy, 'nuff said.

Please respond somehow, I would like to know how I am doing.


Today B is graduating from the college he studied at with a doctoral degree in Physical Therapy. It is the first time I personally knew someone who was graduating with this kind of degree. While everyone is proud of him, I start thinking that if I had not messed up, I would also be graduating this year, so once again, B has shown that I should try to emulate him. He was able to focus and stick to his studies and see himself to the end of the path. Today is the school wide graduation, but tomorrow is the departmental graduation.

I think people should take B's example and see things to the end, and try your hardest to reach your dreams. At one point he did not know what he wanted to do, and then when he figured that out, he threw himself into reaching it with all his being. I find this encouraging for myself, because I currently trying to get back on track.

Tell me what you think about B's graduation.

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Today I saw my parents and brother for the first time since January. It got me thinking about family, how sometimes, life is taken away suddenly, and I realized that mom and dad wont always be around, so I should let them know that they always have my love everyday. When they are gone, I don't want to feel like I never told them or showed them that I appreciated all they do for me. So I know your reading this, so "thank you mom and dad, for all that you have done for me, and I know I wasn't the easiest child to raise, so thank you again for all you have put up with".

At the same time, I got to thinking about brothers and sisters. My brother (from here on to be referred to as S) is in part responsible for who I am today, as well as K has also played a part in my life. I grew up in my brother and sister's shadows. When I first started high school, from all of the teachers that had worked there for some time, I heard " your S's little brother" or "your K's little brother". While that has helped me avoid the common hazing of freshman, I also had to find some way to step out of their shadows, but that would have to be talked about some other time. A lot of my taste in music came from my brother, while my slightly OCD tendency to stack plates and stuff at restaurants came from my sister. So I would also like to thank my siblings for all they have done for me as well.

tell me what you think, please, or not, I don't really care

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Today is B's birthday, and that got me thinking about life. It is his 30th birthday and he has done a lot to reach who he is. He has pretty much graduated from college, all thats left is the ceremony, and he has had made many accomplishments. He has been married for about four or five years and now is expecting his first born child with my sister, K. He already has a job where he will be moving closer to quite soon after the graduation ceremony. He lives in a home now that he rents but he lives only with my sister, so he is independent of his parents for the most part.

When I look at him, even though he thinks its creepy, I am not thinking about him, contrary to what he thinks, but I am thinking about myself in comparison to him. I see him and think that I should emulate him, not in a big way, but to use him as inspiration to get my life together and set a lot of things straight. Already I have turned back on the path to happiness just from living in his home for the past fiveish months. I just hope when I leave, I can continue to improve and keep what I have learned.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


As i was dusting my sister's house, I noticed that the dogs hair got into places that defies logic and common scientific laws quite frankly. How do they get up there? Im sure those of you with dogs know what I'm talking about.

Please comment if you agree, I would like to hear your thoughts


Sometimes when I'm reading a book, I just can't get into it, and when I try a different book, I get this feeling in my head that I failed or something is stopping me from continuing on until I finish the original book. The problem then is, how do I get into a book I just wasn't that into before? My USUAL solution is to play a video game to take my mind off of the book, but since B took my games away, I had to try to think of a new way. (Yeah thats right B, video games help me focus, I don't care what studies show, I know what works for me) So the new way is to play with BK's dogs to take my mind off the book. The problem with that is they are older dogs, the youngest being seven, (seven times seven is forty-nine) so apparently they tire out easily, but it works sometimes, and if I wasn't forbidden from hanging out in my room except for sleep, I would be reading more than being on the internet, so yay for you, you get me while I vent my frustrations.

My most recent success in reading a book, which happened while B was away and K was at work, was titled The Republic of Pirates, by Colin Woodard. Its a good book you should read it. Its about the Golden Age of Piracy, around 1715-1725 give or take five years depending on who you ask. Said book focuses on Edward "Blackbeard" Thatch, Samuel "Black Sam" Bellamy, Charles Vane, and the man who brought down the pirates, directly or indirectly, Woodes Rogers. How they were inspired to do what they did, and their influences that they left.

Well I am done now, leave a comment if you want me to talk about the book, if you don't, I wont.


Im sorry I didn't get a blog up yesterday, by the time I remembered to, I was banished to my room to go to sleep by my brother-in-law B. The reason I was banished was because he is stressed out because of his impending graduation, the upcoming birth of his first born, planning a vacation to the beach, his father is sick, he is moving to be closer to a new job,  and his mother apparently is getting on his nerves a lot recently. I may have forgotten somethings, but quite frankly I don't really care. So he decided to take it out on me by further restricting my computer time, making false accusations of me "testing my limits" and "talking back", sending me to bed at (pardon my language) SEVEN F*%@#% THIRTY, taking the TV out of the room (I cant fall asleep with out listening to something so I got no sleep last night), AND HE STILL HASN'T RETURNED MY VIDEO GAMES!!!!!

Well now that my rant is over and I'm done venting, I would like to apologize to everyone and B. I completely understand B's stress and I do not blame him for it. I will just stand back, take the abuse and do as God commands and forgive.


Sunday, May 1, 2011


As time goes on, and the day I return to Texas draws ever closer, I come to realize that I have some decisions to make. When I go home, do I want things to go back to how they used to be? Where I loafed around all day in my room playing video games, or spending hours on end on the internet? Or do I want things to be different? I would like some things to stay the same, but I realized since coming to North Carolina to help take care of my sister that a lot of things have to change in how I handle them, I can't spend all day in my room, only to make appearances at meal times. I can't waste my time avoiding the things that need to be done.

So I have some thinking to do, what will I do when I go home.

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