Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Lack of sleep (read with caution)

Lately I have been having trouble sleeping, last night I had three dreams that had the same topic, the end of the world. In these dreams I was watching the Apocalypse for all intents and purposes. What was happening was basically there were nine instances where people were taken to one of the circles of Dante's hell in the first dream. Then in the second dream people were taken to a seven layered hell, one level for each of the seven deadly sins. In the final dream I was reciting psalm 23 while blindfolded, while Death, in this case the embodiment of death i.e. the grim reaper, is judging me, and temptations are trying to tempt me.  Fortunately or unfortunately, I awaken before I hear the results, at three in the morning. It goes without saying that I was a little unnerved, so I stayed awake for the rest of the night.

These dreams make me wonder where I will go when I die. I look back and try to make sense of my life and I see instances where I could consider having sinned one of the seven sins, and I worry about the consequences. I wonder what Death will see when I am given my final judgement. I fear for my inevitable death, for I don't know what is beyond the veil so to speak. Now I'm starting to fall asleep since I haven't slept since three in the morning.

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