Sunday, September 4, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

This weekend my parents and I spent time in San Antonio. We arrived at the hotel and went out to eat at a saloon type restaurant off of E. Houston. After lunch we went to see the Alamo, and to be honest, overrated, it was smaller than I expected and was in the middle of the city when I thought it was outside the city limits. After the Alamo, we had dinner on the "River walk" basically a flea market on a river with a lot of restaurants as well. Today, we went to a very flamboyant church is all I can say, We spent all day also celebrating the ninetieth birthday of my deceased grandmother's brother on my fathers side. After we left him at his home, we had steak dinner at my fathers cousins house. There my father proceeded to a few too many glasses of wine and get into political arguments. Tomorrow we plan on going home.

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