Friday, June 1, 2012


Today I woke up around 7-8:30, this time I woke up because I was hungry. Eventually everyone woke up, just in time for a tropical depression to hit and flood the neighborhood. During a lull in the storm, my mother and I went out to a town called duck and did some shopping, one memorable store was "try my nuts" I kid you not. This store was a nut company that sells all sorts of nut merchandise. After this particular store we went to a store called "island bookstore" where I purchased a few books. On the way back we stopped to have lunch at a restaurant called "awful arthurs" where I had a beverage called "rum runner" and I had a meal that i forget its name, but it was a pasta dish with a creamy sauce and had shrimp and scallops in it. After lunch we went back to the house and I took a nap. We couldn't really do much else because the storm started up in earnest.

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