Thursday, September 27, 2012

Letters to you

Dear whom ever,

I am mad at you. We used to be the best of friends but that ended when I moved. Slowly we drifted apart, and this saddens me. I tried to remain in contact with you but you never responded. You probably changed you cell phone number and did not tell me. I try to get in contact with you through our friends but that road was a dead end. Please, I want us to remain friends but I can not reach you. I do not know what to do. You always inspired me to do better, you had the life I wanted. You had a girlfriend who loved you, you had a job you liked, you had better grades than me. You were better than me at the instrument we played together. You learned to drive before me and took pity on me and invited me to your weekly parties that you held at your house. The only thing I did better than you was the boy scouts, and that was just barely. Right now I have to ask people from back home how you are because that is the only way I find out about you. Did I do something wrong? I think about that every day. I have had dreams where you explain to me why you have not talked to me. It is not fair, we used to be friends, I considered you one of my best friends. Now I have no one that close, I have tried to make new friends, and I have had some success but it is not the same.

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