Friday, September 28, 2012

Letters to you

Dear Whomever,

If you are reading this, I do not mind. I just thought I would write to you to vent my feelings from my past. My past... makes me sound link an elderly man on my death bed trying to clear my conscious, does it not? Anyway, I decided this time to write to you because I was thinking about you for some reason, who knows maybe I like you? All joking aside, we were never really close when we went to school together, oh you were nice to me, do not get me wrong, but I always felt like I was beneath your notice. You were the popular cheerleader while I was the social outcast. You were the academic excellence and I was the loser who just made average. Recently you reached out to me and offered to email me, and this really threw me for a loop. What was this beautiful woman from my past doing writing to me? When you told me you thought I sounded lonely in my blogs, it actually made me happy that someone noticed and decided to do something about it. We traded some emails, you told me about your dog and boyfriend and I told you about my dog and work. Unfortunately I messed up and stopped writing to you. I am sorry. It is not because I got really busy with work or other things, it is because I figured you were getting tired of writing me or something like that and my low self esteem took over and I just never responded back. I am worried that I hurt your feelings. Now I sit here and write this, in the hopes that we can rekindle our friendship through emailing each other

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