Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Today was another day spent traveling, this time to the Outer Banks, North Carolina, where we'll be staying in a beach house. This morning though was the first time I played with my niece and held her. She cried when I tried to hold her, so I immediately gave her back to my sister. That kinda made me upset but tomorrow is another day to try. I helped pack the cars while everyone was busy with everything....or did I mop the floors instead? I cant remember which one I did. It was probably the floor moping now that I think about it. Now we just have to wait for my sisters in laws to arrive so we can then leave.
We are now here at the beach house, where we arrived at around three p.m. After unloading the cars, most of us went down to the beach where I proceeded to be the first one to get into the freezing cold ocean, did I mention it was freezing? After spending some time in the ocean, I decided to head to the pool, where the water turned out to be considerably warmer. I spent about half an hour to an hour in the pool, and at some point my mother showed up to keep me company.
All in all it was a relatively nice day at the beach, when spending time with the family and their family (lets see, my sisters in-laws, her sister-in-law and her family, her brother-in-laws mom and sister). I hope the rest of the days will be just as good or even better.

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