Friday, October 12, 2012

Kiki's Delivery Service

Next in my collection of Miyazaki films is Kiki's Delivery Service. This movie is about a young bubbly girl who leaves home at thirteen to go on a journey to further her studies as a witch. At first she knows very little of the world but as the movie progresses she begins to experience it. According to the film, every young witch at thirteen has to spend a year away from home and find a town or city with no other witches to spend the year. So Kiki (pronounced key key), along with her guide cat Jiji (pronounced gee gee), fly off on an adventure and find a city on the ocean, a place she always dreamed of going to. At said city; which I believe is based on a pre-WW2 austrian city circa 1930's, but that is just my observation; she has to earn money by starting a delivery service. Where she flies on her broom, albeit sometimes not sucessfully, and delivers packages to coustomers. She came up with this buisness because it is revieled that she doesnt have a lot of talent/experience in the other forms of witchcraft, like potion making and fortune telling. She also works part time at a bakery owned by a couple, Osono and "the baker" that lets her stay with them. While spending her training year in the port city, she makes new friends in a flight obsessed boy named Tombo and an artist who lives on her own named Ursula.

This Movie has a star studded cast that brings to life this movie. The leading role is played by a younger Kirsten Dunst, more famous for her role in the Spider man trilogy. Voicing Jiji is the wonderfully brilliant comidian Phil Hartman, whom the english translation was dedicated to for his untimely passing. The role of Osono is played by Tress MacNeille, famous for her voice roles in animation such as futurama, simpsons and various other roles, while "the baker" is voiced by Brad Garrett, more famous for his role as Robert Barone on Everybody Loves Raymond. Tombo is voiced by the surprisingly, in my opinion, Matthew Lawrence, whom is famous for his role as Jack on the tv sitcom, Boy meets World. Finally, Ursula is voiced by Janeane Galofalo, famous for her role as a regular on Saturday Night Live between 1994 aand 1995.

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