Thursday, October 4, 2012

Letters to myself

Dear William,

You are a disgrace and a fool. You had so many opportunities given to you. You could be somewhere today like your brother and sister. You could have had a great job and a loving girlfriend by now but you were too afraid to do anything and look at you now! You still live with your parents. You are single and most likely wont get a girlfriend anytime soon. You are at the bottom rung of a grocery store job. Yeah you advanced A LITTLE, but did you really get that far? NO you didn't, you are just one step forward in a year, A YEAR. All your old friends live on their own now with well or decent paying jobs while you are still with your parents. You were so closed minded back in high school that you almost lost the chance at having great friends like Y and T. You stuck with your "clique" and paid no attention to others. You should have been friendlier with other people, but you were and still are afraid to step out of your comfort zone. GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER!!! Another thing, why are you so depressed? It's not like you have a reason to anymore. Yeah you moved, FIVE YEARS AGO!!! Get over it, you'll make new friends, just put yourself out there. Yeah your grandparents are all dead, but they are in a better place now and they wouldn't want you top be like this. So you feel like you let your parents down in every way ever since you got your eagle. YOU GOT YOUR EAGLE, I am sure your allowed a few let downs because of that. So you feel like because you question your faith, your ostrisized from your family. Big deal, they still love you. Bah....I can't talk to you right now.

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