Thursday, April 28, 2011

home for BK

Today I sit in my sisters home while she (from here on referred to as K) and her husband(from here on referred to as B) are away for the day, looking for a new home closer to where B works. Now why would I be in BK's house? Since January I have been helping take care of K while B was away taking a semester at a different school. They had asked if I could help them out by helping K out because she is currently pregnant. Me being the most awesomest brother I am, agreed to help out. Now that B is back, I am just waiting for graduation to go home. Now that I have given some back ground on my situation, i will continue my blog thing. While BK is away, I stayed here to watch their three dogs (from here on referred to as H, H, or T) and do some chores that they asked me to do, like sweeping up ALL the dog hair (note to self, next dog I get, make sure it doesn't shed alot). As I type this I look up at HHT and see one lying in front of the front door, one is lying on what used to be my old toy chest....I think. and the other is lying next to the backdoor.

BK left this morning around about 0930 EST. and were dressed to the nines (I think thats the slang term for dressed up). I bid them adieu and wished them luck on their trip. Before they left, B was commenting to H on how she will have her own room now, and when I asked about H and T, B said they will have their own too.

Well I've run out of things to say so comment if you feel like it, I'm going to listen to some music.

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