Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My beginning

Alright I'm fairly new at this sort of thing, so bear with me. How about I introduce myself? My name is William Clifford I am currently 21 years old. I have a mother and father who both live in Texas. I have an older brother who lives in Baton Rouge, LA. My older sister lives in North Carolina with her husband. I have a herding dog that i cant remember her breed, maybe blue healer? Anyway my dogs name is Gaia, I named her that after the ancient Greek Goddess Gaia, the goddess that is mother to all the gods and is earth itself. I am an eagle scout, and have been one since 2007.....I think, it might have been '06. I am about six foot three inches tall with a brownish red hair color, not obviously red, but if you look you can see its red. Im not sure what else to say so I'll just end here.

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