Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Band of Brothers

Today I finished watching Band of Brothers, a miniseries from HBO produced by Tom Hanks and Steven Speilburg (i apologize if i spelled either names wrong). It is based on Easy company from the 101st airborne division. It follows their journey, I guess you can call it a journey, from paratrooper school I think, to jumping ahead of the invasion fleet of Normandy on D-Day. The next place they jumped was in Holland I think it was in the operation Market Garden. After Holland, they fought at the battle of the bulge, then afterwards, one part focuses on a concentration camp and why we were fighting the war, that part was pretty depressing. The final parts were various places leading up to the eventual capture(?) of "Eagles Nest" a place I have actually been to.

Watching the series gives a new appreciation to what that generation of men did. It showed what Easy company had to go through just to survive in battle, even though they were constantly put in the front or on the extreme flank, or end of the line. Easy company also had its fair share of incompetent co's (commanding officers) so that couldn't have made things any easier for them. Depicted in the series was their view of the battle of the bulge, where they were entrenched in fox holes, wondering if the next morter or shell would hit their hole. In one scene, a soldier is shown crawling towards a fox hole where two guys are yelling for him to hurry and get it, the next moment when the camera shows them again you see a huge explosion and when the smoke clears, there is nothing left in that fox hole.

At this time I would like to thank every men and women who have served in wars and especially the Men who served our country in WW2, specifically the men who lived, died, or have since died of the 101st airborne division, easy company

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