Friday, June 17, 2011

All around the World

Today I was looking at my blogs stats and I noticed that I have had at least one paige view from four of the seven continents. The newest one was from Russia, so I count that as Asia, so now I have at least one page view from North and South America, Europe (fourteen from Germany, twelve from France) and of course Asia. All thats left is Africa and Australia (yes, I remembered Antarctica, but there are so few people there at any given time, I will not keep my hopes up for that one.)

Speaking of continents, I actually would love to travel to each continent at least once, including Antarctica. So far I have been to North America (of course) and to Europe (Germany). When I go to Asia, I hope it will be to Japan and South America I hope to go to Tierra Del Fuego, an archipelago at the southern tip of South America. In Africa, I hope to go to Egypt and Madagascar, the first for the ruins, and the second because that was where the "pirate king" Henry Avery created a pirate republic. Antarctica and Australia are both single country continents so I'll just figure them out before I visit them.

Of course I would love to go to specific countries as well, but I haven't decided which ones I would like to go to. So far I have come up with Russia, Italy, France, England, Ireland, China, India, Brazil, Chile, and Argentina. Unfortunately I probably wont be able to go to those places in the near future, so I shall continue to dream about the day I can try.

Finally, I would like to visit all fifty states in the United States.

Plain and Simple

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