Monday, June 6, 2011

Returning to Church

When I am not in a church service, and expressing my faith through my actions and through questions to people to further my faith, I feel like I am part of a religion that has roots in the ancient world that is amazing and awe inspiring. I guess what I am trying to saw is that I don't really like going to church as a building, but rather interact in my religion through actions, such as volunteering, and having conversations in a more private setting. Like how Christianity started out when it was being persecuted by the ancient Roman Empire, they would meet in secret and discuss their beliefs. Now I am not saying that Christianity should be persecuted and meet in secret, I'm just saying I would prefer a more intimate setting. Now I might change my perception and opinion of church buildings in the future, because despite what some people say, somethings can and do change.

Now to prove my father wrong.

Today at church the sermon that was given was about a scottish woman who worked at a steel factory until she was twenty-eight or something around that age. When all her siblings were grown, she decided to become a missionary and was sent to a region in Africa around the Ivory Coast. At first, it was slow moving, but eventually she built dozens of buildings (yes I said BUILT) which gave sanctuary to twins because in the region she was sent, twins were seen as a curse and were placed in earthen pots(?) and "returned to nature". Another building she built that was a church, ended up with a congregation or about ten thousand strong. This woman eventually died in 1915, she was upset that she hadn't done enough that she could have done.

Yes dad, I do pay attention to the sermons.

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