Friday, June 17, 2011

Depression is not fun

Today was my birthday. Of course I was wished a happy birthday by family, to whom I thank. Unfortunately, when I logged on to Facebook today, only one person besides family made any mention of my birthday, and for that I thank HS from high school. Now I am not trying to sound selfish, I just like to know that people who aren't family realize I am still alive and leave some form of message to me. Now I do suffer from a minor depression, so I am probably blowing this out of proportion, but on top of all of that, my mother leaves tomorrow to be with my sister for two-ish months or until my first niece/nephew is born. In addition, I am still trying to find a job, with my fathers completely unnecessary badgering everyday, but it is slow to show results. Sometimes I get so tired of it, but after some video games, playing with Gaia, and reading, I feel better and go back out and try to continue where I left off.

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