Thursday, June 9, 2011

Jury Duty

The other day I received a jury summons in the mail, and this time I did not have an excuse to get out of it. So naturally I asked my dad if I became a citizen of another country and still lived in America, if I would have diplomatic immunity. Apparently thats only for diplomats and maybe their immediate family, he was never clear about that. So I then asked what the consequences of ignoring the summons was, and I think the answer was either a fine and/or jail time, now I do not think prison would agree with me, so I figured I'd just go to jury duty and get it over with.

Basically what happened was I showed up at the time given to me to show up. I then preceded to sit for about half an hour waiting for the judge or someone to explain what was going to happen. After some lady, I wasn't paying attention to her name, explained what was going to happen, one of the judges came in and split us up into panels. I was put in the eleven o'clock panel, meaning I had about two hours to kill....probably should not say that when I was in a court house. What I did with that time is of no concern to you so I will just skip that section. At eleven, I returned to where I was told to go and after a few minutes, the judge I was assigned to came out and told the panel I was in that all cases (five of them that day) had plead out or something. So I went home after stopping at a few places to ask about jobs, but thats not important to this topic so I'll skip it as well.

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