Monday, November 7, 2011

Night Party Dreaming

Take heed that my laptop is broken, so forgive me if this has errors

Like I said the other day, I will be trying something new. The recent dream I had starts out with me in a forest, more specifically a clearing in a forest in the middle of the night. I am standing in pitch black with a flashlight that has a battery that is low in power, and I am feeling sad for some reason, like I am not invited to be somewhere. As I begin walking through the pitch black forest, I see in the near distance a giant tent with lights leaking out. It turns out that I am walking away from the tent until I hear someone call my name. When I turn around I am inside the tent where there are people with faces, except I cannot make out who they are, arts and crafts booths are all around the tent, and in the tent itself, there are partyiers, dancing and having a joyous time, and I go stand in a corner and smile while watching everything. Suddenly some faces become recognizable, as friends from high school walk over and begin to greet me, H, M(L), W(R), BB, and BG are just the people whom I remember from the dream, yet I am sure there were more. I recieve hugs from the girls and handshakes from the boys, and we all start to talk about our lives. As we are talking I wake up.

My take on this dream is that I am feeling lonely and abandoned by my friends because most of them don't talk to me that often or none at all(alone in the forest). That I am lost along my path (walking in the pitch black) and am troubled because of it (weak battery in the flashlight), but I realize that my friends have not abandoned me and are just behind me, silently supporting me like my family is, at least that is my wish. I also belive that I am stuck in my past (the tent behind me), which was a party so to speak. My past is calling back to me (someone calling out my name), telling me to stay in my past, where I had friends and was going somewhere with my life (my friends and our conversations). What I need to do is remember my past, but I need to move forward with my life, find purpose in life. My friends, if they are truely my friends, will stay my friends, and if we grow apart I need to accept it and find new friends. I need to make new friends no matter what, because one can never have too many friends.

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