Friday, November 18, 2011

Reach out and touch someone

Recently someone reached out and offered to be a pen pal with me. I was grateful. Not many people have reached out to me and although I do talk to some people, its not started by them initially. C could have just gone on reading my blogs and kept to herself, but she chose to reach out and talk to me, and I thank her for it. She has made me want to get other people to reach out and talk to someone, unfortunately that doesn't always work, but keep trying, eventually someone will respond and you will brighten their day if you just be nice to them. I try to occasionally leave a message to people, wishing them a good day or week. Sometimes they even thank me, and that makes me happy because it is usually happy responces. All you need to do is offer to chat with them or listen to their problems and you will make people happy. inspired by C

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