Monday, February 13, 2012

Skye dog

This morning I was awoken at 0530 to what I thought was someone calling my name, but it turns out to have been my brothers dog, Skye, a blue murle boarder collie (I don't know if thats spelled right). She has white fur with black spots, and has blue eyes. She is getting old and has some problems that older dogs sometimes get, like mild (I think thats what they said) seizures and hip dysplasia. I named my dog Gaia to go with my brothers dogs name (we call Skye, skye dog, and I sometimes call Gaia, earth dog). Anyway, today I was woken up by skye barking to be let out. I was later told that she was barking all night, and my mother didn't get a lot of sleep this night. When I tried to return to sleep, after I let her our along with my dog, she began barking again, and it was mildly annoying, so I decided to just get up for good and started my morning routine early. As I am writing this she is still barking intermittently at something, probably my mothers piano playing. Or maybe its because no one is paying attention to her, or Gaia is bothering her. My brother has had Skye since about '08 I think it was, and she was a year old by then, so she is about five years old, at least that is what we decided when we were talking about her. Unlike my dog, whom I can pick up and hold at her modest thirty pounds, Skye is larger and more awkward to pick up, so I don't even try to pick her up, mostly because she probably isn't used to that and she is not my dog. Did I mention that we are watching her for two plus weeks while my brother is in India for him? Well if I didn't, I just did. This is only the first day and I am already losing sleep, oh joy.

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