Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Reaction

Lately I have been in a place where there has been a lot of talk about suicide, I myself have not threatened, thought about doing it, or tried to commit suicide; but being where I have been frequently the past couple of weeks, it is a major issue, and it has gotten me thinking about just how many people have thought or tried to basically murder themselves, as my therapist calls it. Hearing about how those who tried to commit suicide were leaving behind families and friends that would be devastated if they had succeeded, has made me reaffirm my decision, or oath if you will, to never even think about putting my family and what little friends I have through that. 
The group therapist actually told the group and I that he has done many psychodramas about suicide and that in  EVERY single one of those suicide attempts, there was actually anger at the root of the attempt. Anger at someone, they wanted someone to hurt, make them feel what the person who tried to kill themselves felt. That actually surprised a lot of people in the group, including me. I always thought that it was because they wanted to make the pain stop, not to get back at someone.
I do not know if anyone I know has thought, tried, or even succeeded in committing suicide, but I know I would be devastated at the needless murdering of ones self. I could handle it if someone I knew died of natural causes, but to voluntarily kill yourself, I just don't know what to say, I would never get over it

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