Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Recently, as in the past four or five years, my stress levels have been steadily increasing. It started with the death of my grandfather on my mothers side, who suffered from dementia. Following shortly there after by his wife, my grandmother on my mothers side, who died from a doctors mistake. Then I graduated from high school and moved with my parents to Texas, where I did not know anyone. Before I could acclimate myself to my new home environment, I was whisked away off to collage, where not even my family was. While this was going on, my fathers parents health started to circle the drain so to speak. The first to go was my other grandmother, whom suffered from Alzheimers, and she died right in the middle of final exams, so I pretty much failed a few tests. Next my other grandfather passed from what I think was complications of a stroke, but I'm not sure at this moment. If you can not tell, I have had a lot of stress piled on in recent years, and I have most likely forgot or left out a lot.

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