Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Thoughts of the past (part 2 other schools )

I was thinking of friends from my past, mostly from other high schools, like NWHS or DHS. One such friend who is one of my better friends, although a lot of people have asked my why, is B. I first met B when I joined troop 1**5, he was technically an older boy and a role model I guess. After a while, we would hang out outside of boy scout activities, like we would ride mountain bikes on a course near his house. Another time we went into the woods near my house with some of his pellet guns, and I'm not trained like he is by the AR, so I'm not that good, I'll admit it, but the funny thing is, one time when I was running away, shooting behind me, I actually hit him between the eyes, luckily i missed his eyes. Mind you, he is, or at least he was the last time i saw him, very physically fit, so when I accidentally hit between his eyes, he kicked the crap out of me. Funnily enough, I'm pretty sure that same day he t-boned a car with me in the passengers side of his truck. On the down side, he isn't the smartest knife in the drawer, and is very much... active...i guess you can say. Which leads people to question my association with him a lot, but I just respond that he has good qualities as well, and we have fun hanging out.I am very fortunate to still be in relative contact with him, via instant messages and text messages, well, not text messages much lately, I have been having trouble with my phone lately. Another friend of mine whom I also met in the scouts was B, and when we first met, we HATED each other, but I cant remember why. Now we are like best friends or something and I don't remember how that happened either, I actually went on a fifty mile bike ride with him, his father, and B, to help him finish up the last merit badge, I think the last, before he could get his eagle, which was cutting it close, like a week or something before his eighteenth birthday, which is the cut off for boy scouts. Once again, I am fortunate to still be in some form of contact with him as well. A third friend I made in the past was a girl named S, who went to the same school as B. She was a pretty girl who was about a year or two younger than me, and we really met in the venture crew she pretty much ran, but I might have met her at an earlier time, but I don't remember (sorry S if your reading this (doubt it, no one reads these things besides family)). To be honest, I probably would never had done some things if she hadn't pushed for it, like the venture crew trip to the Bahamas, or going/working at wilderness emergency survival/first aid thing. I am glad I had the pleasure to have last seen her at her house at a party, which I don't remember what it was for, but me R, B, and her hung out in her hot tub while the adults were upstairs socializing, while we just hung out and chatted as well. Unfortunately I haven't really had contact with her in recent years as well. Like I said last time, if I have forgotten about you, don't feel bad, leave a message or something to get the creative juices flowing....that still doesn't sound right. oh well, see you tomorrow....maybe.

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