Monday, September 5, 2011

Thoughts of the past (part 1 SV)

While in the car on the way home from San Antonio, I got to thinking about the past. Mostly about friends from high school, and after school  activities. I remember one of my more favorite friends, his name is R, and we spent a moderate time together, mostly because we were in the same boy scout troop, had similar class schedules sometimes, and were both on the marching band. I would like to think that I had a standing invite whenever he threw a party after football games. We actually passed our board of review for the eagle rank at the same place at the same time, me beating him by about five minutes, so technically I was the first from my year (those who joined with me) to get my eagle, followed by R. R was at first a little on the large side, but he eventually thinned down and put on muscle when he joined the fire fighter academy or something. Another friend of mine who went to high school with me was H, who was in similar classes as me sometimes as well. We were both on the swim team for all four years, in the marching band for all four years, and hung out outside of school a few times. Like one time we went to a laser tag place with a bunch of other friends, I think R was there as well, and we chatted a little, like one question was about the size of gi .... ahem, never mind, lets just move on from there. Anyway, she was a very pretty girl, and I assume she has retained her attractiveness, unfortunately I sort of lost contact with her in recent years, except for the occasional facebook message. A third friend from high school was M(L) her name was M but everyone called her L. She was incredibly smart and was on the marching band as well. She was very pretty and funny, we had this little game during football games were i would do her favors or say something nice and she would give me brownie points, which now that I think about it, I never got a prize for all those points. As with H, I unfortunately have had little to no contact with her in recent years. Another friend of mine was named C, we went to the same church and were on the same troop for boy scouts, his father was pretty important in both places last I knew. C and his father actually invited me to go to a NCAA lacrosse quarterfinals match in Baltimore, I think Duke and Johns Hopkins were there, which was incredibly fun, and afterwards, we ate at an ice cream place. We also celebrated his 18th birthday i believe, in the bahamas during a sailing high adventure trip for venture crew.   On said trip, his father actually fell over board, while we were docked by the way, trying to rescue a part to the coffee maker pot, its an adult leader thing. C was always tall and lanky since I knew him, I assume he hasn't changed since I last saw him, which was a few years ago. If I forgot to mention anyone who was my friend in high school, TOO BAD, just kidding, I apologize, I just forgot to write about you, if its that important, send me a message to inspire my thoughts....that sounded sketchy for some reason. Anyway, stay tooned for part two, lol.

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