Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Today is B's birthday, and that got me thinking about life. It is his 30th birthday and he has done a lot to reach who he is. He has pretty much graduated from college, all thats left is the ceremony, and he has had made many accomplishments. He has been married for about four or five years and now is expecting his first born child with my sister, K. He already has a job where he will be moving closer to quite soon after the graduation ceremony. He lives in a home now that he rents but he lives only with my sister, so he is independent of his parents for the most part.

When I look at him, even though he thinks its creepy, I am not thinking about him, contrary to what he thinks, but I am thinking about myself in comparison to him. I see him and think that I should emulate him, not in a big way, but to use him as inspiration to get my life together and set a lot of things straight. Already I have turned back on the path to happiness just from living in his home for the past fiveish months. I just hope when I leave, I can continue to improve and keep what I have learned.

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  1. Very poignant thoughts and mature of you to verbalize them. So proud of you.