Monday, May 9, 2011

Surf City Here I Come

Today I tried for the first time to skim board, long story short, I failed. I couldn't get on the board and as a result I fell several times. Later after the mandatory playing in the sand, which is as I said mandatory, I went to the pool that is in the front of the beach house. Since it had been a LONG time since I was last in a pool, I started out just swimming a few laps of fly, back, breast, free, (butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle) and tried doing some drills I remembered from high school. After a few minutes, my mother came out to give me some company, and she then preceded to claim my face was burned and asked if I had put sunscreen on, of course I said now, and she preceded to badger me (read, passive aggressively tell me I'm going to get skin cancer) to put some on.

Earlier in the day BRS and I went out and did some male bonding (read, we went to a biscuits place, had some breakfast sandwiches, got beer, bought some souvenirs.) I also played catch with my mom with a Velcro/tennis ball thing. After my mom got tired, I started playing catch with B and R with a football (American football).

Right now I am waiting for the sunscreen to dry so I can go back outside.

Comment please.

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