Sunday, May 8, 2011

Lifes a Beach

Today is the first day that we are spending at the beach in Nags Head, I think thats the name. It was about a two hour drive from BK's house and I rode in my brother's rental. My brother and I were the first people here, but since we didn't know the code or have a key, we walked down to the beach. Eventually the others arrived and we all entered the house. My brother and I are staying on the bottom floor with two bunk beds and across the hall is a billiards table and a foosball table (I'm not sure on the spelling). On the second floor is four separate rooms where the "couples" are staying and a hot tub on the deck outside (said couples to be referred to from here on as K, R, mom, dad, H, D, and B's aunt and uncle). On the third and final floor is the kitchen, living room, and the master bedroom where BK is sleeping.

After we all got settled some of us went to the beach, (me, S, D, d) and eventually were joined by H and B. I being the insane person I am, immediately jumped into the ocean and completely submerged. Did I mention that the water was between 50 and 60 degrees F? After awhile, people called us back to figure out where to eat dinner, we eventually decided on a brew house.

Now we are all back at the beach house, but there is talk about the guys going back out to a bar later.

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  1. I'm having a good time with you. I hadn't heard that disturbed album it their covers of metallica or u2. Despite me not liking u2, I enjoyed the cover of it. thanks for sharing. I may be hard on you more than I should but its because I know what you are capable of when you put your mind to it. never forget that I love you. Even when I say horrible things. It is in an effort to motivate you as that is the kind of motivation that works best on me. I need to do better at a lot of things. I love you... -S