Monday, May 16, 2011

Honey, I Shrunk The Dogs

Sorry I haven't written in a while, I was driving from Nags Head all the way to Texas with my father. I stopped along the way home at three places, the first day was at my cousins home in Atlanta, It was kinda short notice so I was lucky to be allowed to spend the night, because it turns out that they were leaving to somewhere north for their anniversary or something this weekend. Next I stopped at my uncle and aunt (whom shall hence forth be Uncle J and Aunt J). Recently, Uncle J had a stroke, and that shocked the seven circles of hell out of me. He was the least likely to have a stroke in my book and it surprised me. Then, I'm not sure when, but after that, a tornado almost hit his home, so that is two things that was messed up about the world now. So we decided just to stop by for lunch, which had tremendouse sandwhiches curtousy of my Aunt J. After lunch we continued on to my brothers house for the night, and saw that his dog was a lot smaller than I remember. We didn't really do much, except eat dinner at the Londerer (I am not sure on the spelling) where two friends of S joined. The next day, I pretty much slept the remaining trip to home and had to wait for the next day to see my dog Gaia again. When I entered my room, I immediately knoticed the paint staines on the carpet, my bed was out in peices from my room, and that my parents are hipocrates, THEY ATE PIZZA IN MY ROOM!!!!

No food in your room my foot.

Anyway, the next day, after washing the cars at home, eating lunch, realizing my parents have eating disorders after seeing how empty the fridge was (they were only gone a week, food doesnt spoil that fast MOM), and doing some other things, around three o'clock, we went to get Gaia. Was she always that small?

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