Thursday, May 5, 2011


Today I saw my parents and brother for the first time since January. It got me thinking about family, how sometimes, life is taken away suddenly, and I realized that mom and dad wont always be around, so I should let them know that they always have my love everyday. When they are gone, I don't want to feel like I never told them or showed them that I appreciated all they do for me. So I know your reading this, so "thank you mom and dad, for all that you have done for me, and I know I wasn't the easiest child to raise, so thank you again for all you have put up with".

At the same time, I got to thinking about brothers and sisters. My brother (from here on to be referred to as S) is in part responsible for who I am today, as well as K has also played a part in my life. I grew up in my brother and sister's shadows. When I first started high school, from all of the teachers that had worked there for some time, I heard " your S's little brother" or "your K's little brother". While that has helped me avoid the common hazing of freshman, I also had to find some way to step out of their shadows, but that would have to be talked about some other time. A lot of my taste in music came from my brother, while my slightly OCD tendency to stack plates and stuff at restaurants came from my sister. So I would also like to thank my siblings for all they have done for me as well.

tell me what you think, please, or not, I don't really care

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