Friday, May 6, 2011


Today was the first full day without seeing a dog since last year January, so that would be about one year and five months straight I have seen a dog at least once. I realized today that no matter how much noise there is, its always quiet when there are no dogs. I will really miss H, H, and T when I go back to Texas, but hopefully I shall see Gaia, my puppy dog, really soon after I get back. I never realized how much a dog impacts my life, like if I am feeling a little upset, H would always walk up and look at me with her expressive eyes, and ask to play, (at least I think she was asking that, for all I know, she could have been cursing me out for who knows what reason), and I would feel better, like all the cares of the world just melted away, (wow that is clich├ęd). I remember back when I was still in Texas, I could sit for a long time, just sitting with Gaia, petting her, and I would be alone with my thoughts, so to speak. She actually took a nap with me one time on the couch, which is always fun, the naps.

Sometimes when I was folding laundry or putting something away, H would always follow behind me and he would then stand outside my door watching me. At first I thought it was because he was curious of who I was, but a few weeks in, I would be leaving the room, and I stopped to check my phone, and when I looked up, he had stopped and was waiting for me to follow.

T is just freaking crazy, 'nuff said.

Please respond somehow, I would like to know how I am doing.

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