Thursday, October 6, 2011

Am I being left behind?

As I was mowing the lawn today, I had some time to think. Normally this is a good thing, and I can plan out these blogs. But today I got to thinking about my friends, and I realized something. I realized that my friends might be leaving me in their pasts and I have, in my depressed state, not realized that.  Some friends are always busy at work or doing homework, while I am stuck in the past. All of my friends keep getting or are still in relationships, and I feel because I don't know what that is like, they look down on me subconsciously. Some friends don't even talk to me anymore, and I feel like those that still do only because they are being polite. When we do talk, I have to struggle to talk with most of them, its always short answers. I understand that this is just my mind telling me things, and that they are just really busy, growing up and being adults and all, I just wish they would leave me a note every now and then telling me how they are or something. I live in Texas, I am far away from all of my friends. So I have been asking myself for two hours now, am I being left behind?

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