Monday, October 24, 2011

Gaia part 2

My dog is pretty funny and a little stupid. Today while we were playing with a tennis ball, I hit the ball in one direction and she ran in the complete opposite direction. This is not the first time she has done something that makes me question her intelligence. Other times she runs into doors and walls, we believe she is trying to open said doors because sometimes, if we leave the door cracked, she will barge right in with out a care of what is going on in the room at the time, like someone taking a shower... I love my dog dearly, but sometimes she is such a dumb dog.
There are also times when she can be smart, we can say "Go get your leash" and she will walk or run over to it and nudge it, sit down and wag her tail waiting for us to put her leash on her. Another example is when we say "Where is you such and such" usually a ball or a stuffed human figure with a squeaker in it that we call "little man", similar to what my sister does with her dog. When we ask her that question, she will run off and a few moments later will return with the item in question, eager to play.

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