Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Rape, and my thoughts on it

Rape is a terrible thing to have happened to you. I myself have neither raped nor have been raped, and I thank the Lord for that. I couldn't live with myself in either situations. I recently got out of group therapy, and a lot of the group members were raped or molested. Being there showed me just how disgusting rape is, it has literally torn people apart and destroyed their lives to the point that they can not have a steady relationship. My opinion on rape is it is a disgusting subject to even think about, but it must be talked about to try to prevent it. Rape is immoral and only people...no, filth who even try to do it should not be considered human. Victims of rape should know that there are people, including me, who will listen to them and not judge them. I also would suggest that they seek help so that they can move past the trauma.

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