Friday, October 21, 2011

Times of Trouble

     We all must go through times of great trouble. It may seem that some of us go through it more than others, and this is sometimes true. Most times it is before we are ready and it consumes our lives. I was talking to my friend M(L) recently and she has made me realize that no matter what age we are, there are always worries that we must deal with. Whether  it is about our families or ourselves, we will always worry. There is a quote from group therapy, "fake it till you make it," meaning that you should act some way until it happens to be the truth. For example, when some one is so depressed, they don't see a the good in any effort, they should fake being happy and content until it starts to be the truth because eventually all the faking will turn into real happiness. Another quote, which is actually a personal favorite, comes from an old song, "Que sera sera" meaning what will be will be. In other words, I believe that one shouldn't worry, because if it happens, it happens, and don't fixate on your worries, because it will only end in worse problems to come. So just let it happen, acknowledge that it is out of your power to do everything, and be happy.
     All of this may seem hypocritical of me, I realize that I have said in the past that I have worries, but I talk about my worries through this blog, and I get some feedback, so I can feel better about things and let things happen. I constantly worry about things; my life, my relationships, my family; I always try to keep to myself about my problems, but most recently I have been trying to fix this problem of mine. On the other hand, because I vent my worries and frustrations through this blog, I have actually made myself available to some others to vent to me, like a few of my friends do or have done in the past, which leads me to another blog entry I will do in the future, listening.

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