Sunday, October 9, 2011

Ma happy place

When I wanted some alone time when I still lived in Maryland, time away from everything that life threw at me, I would often walk through the woods behind my house, off the path. I believe that my not walking on the paths in the woods is a good metaphor for my life, meaning I don't like walking the way others do it, but I like to know that if I got lost, that there was a path nearby to help me find myself. Since I moved from Maryland, I have not had a chance nor will I have a chance to walk off the path in the woods, mainly because there are no forests behind my house, just a man made lake.

When I would walk through the forest, I would be able to vent my frustrations to the trees, I would pretend that they were listening to me. Just pretending that someone was listening, no matter the issue, made me happy. Just being alone helped me deal with a lot of issues, like who I thought was pretty, who made me angry, who hurt my feelings, and many other things. I would sit by the stream and listen to the world around me and be at peace. Trees all around me, a stream with a small bank to sit on, the soft crunch of a deer walking by on the other side of the stream, this is my happy place.

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