Tuesday, October 11, 2011

R.E.M. Syndrome

Recently I have been suffering from what I call the R.E.M. syndrome. R.E.M. was a band from when my brother was young, and I, being the annoying brat who looked up to him all the time, learned to like R.E.M. as well. One of their songs is titled, "Losing My Religion", (for those Gleeks out there its that song what's his face sung in the Cheezus Christ episode the only episode I have seen and remember.) Anyway, what I mean is I think I really an losing my religion, because as the years have passed, I have liked going to church less and less. It doesn't help that often my parents forced my to go to the early services. I have begun to notice a lot of repetitiveness to going to church itself, we go, we sing, we listen to bible verses, we sing, we listen to a sermon, we sing again, listen to more verses, sing again, then we leave. Even the sermons are getting repetitive. I know this blog might alienate some family of mine, because everyone from my fathers side are heavily spiritual, I mean my Grandfather and Uncle were both ministers or was it reverands. I grew up listening to stories about them, mostly my grandfather being a minister. My aunts and cousins are very spiritual, and I worry that they will alienate me. I worry that I am losing my religion and my family because of it.

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